August 1, 2019


The number one reason our instructors are able to provide a positive learning experience for children of all ages is their love of the water. TideWater offers homogenized Group Lessons at different skill levels to guide children through the progressions of learning how to swim. Our beginner Groups focus on water safety, using a blend of survival techniques and core-based swimming; while our intermediate and advanced Groups focus on proper swimming mechanics to help children become stronger swimmers and potentially prepare them to join our Swim Team. We also offer Private (one-on-one) Lessons that are tailored to each swimmer’s individual ability, level and parents/student goals — be it water safety, mechanics or prep to pass the local pool swim test.

Employment Opportunities at TideWater


Lessons Apprentice:
This position is available to individuals ages 14 years and older who have a strong swimming background and would like to learn how to conduct Lessons. The Lesson Apprentice will work with a Lesson instructor in a group setting. Lesson Apprentice is a volunteer position, and the individual may earn service hours. Lesson Apprentices may advance to Lesson Assistant or Lesson Instructor.

Lessons Assistant:
This position is available to individuals ages 15 years and older who have a strong swimming background and have completed at least 1 Session of Lessons as a Lesson Apprentice. Lesson Assistants work in a group setting with a Lesson Instructor. This is a paid position.

Lesson Instructor:
This position is available to enthusiastic individuals ages 17 years and older who have previous Lesson instruction experience. Former Lesson Assistants who have been approved to conduct their own Lessons may also apply. Lesson Instructors are responsible for the instruction of Group Lessons and may teach Private Lessons. Salary is based on experience.

Please email if you are interested in any of the above positions. Please include your resume/experience and availability. Thank you!