December 14, 2017

Lesson FAQs and Policies

Prospective Swimmers:

  • Does my child need to have swimming experience to be a TideWater student?
    No. TideWater offers a Program for swimmers of all levels, from infants to adults.
  • Does TideWater offer lessons for swimmers with Special Needs?
    Yes.  We are a completely inclusive company also offering Adaptive lessons.  Visit our Adaptive website
  • Is it necessary to be a RiverWinds member to participate in TideWater Swim School?
    No.  TideWater is an independent company and not affiliated with RiverWinds.
  • Do RiverWinds members receive a discount on TideWater lessons?
    No, TideWater lesson prices are the same for everyone. 
  • Does TideWater offer discounts for multiple siblings?
    Because each child receive the same experienced instruction in our classes it is not possible to offer discounts.
  • Can my child wear a floatation device?
    Floats, swimmies, water wigs, puddle jumpers, life vests, etc are strictly PROHIBITED during lessons.  Flotation devices prevent your child from learning the proper techniques and mechanics of swimming.  Your child’s instructor will ensure that your child stays afloat until they can do it independently.

Current Swimmers:

  • What time should my child arrive for swim lessons?
    Upon arrival, to be admitted into the pool area parents must advise the RiverWinds front desk their child is there for a TideWater swim lesson.  Students MUST CHECK-IN on the pool deck (near steam room), this is needed for TideWater administration. Swimmers should be checked-in, swim suits on and ready to swim 3-5 minutes prior to lesson time.  DO NOT ARRIVE more than 30 minutes before your lesson time.
  • Is there a Locker Room available?
    Yes, there is a family locker room for changing and showering.
  • What does my child need to bring?
    Bathing suit, towel and goggles. Goggles are required for Group Lessons and highly recommended for Private Lessons.  Goggles can be purchased at the pool desk.  Note: Terrapins are required to wear fins.
  • Does a parent get in the pool with their child?
    A parent MUST be in the water with their child if participating in Squirts (Infant) or Softshalls (Toddler).  Otherwise, parents are invited to observe their child’s lesson from the bleachers on deck.
  • If my child arrives late, will the lesson time be extended?
    No.  Due to scheduling constraints and limited pool time all lessons will start and end on time.  We are not permitted to run classes over the scheduled time.
  • What should I do if my child will be absent?
    Notify TideWater as soon as possible.  To be eligible for a make-up lesson you MUST notify TideWater via email at prior to the end of the missed lesson.  See Call Out Policy below.
  • What if my child is upset?
    Beginners of any age may be apprehensive for any number of reasons.  At TideWater, we understand new experiences can be stressful for both child and parent.  New Swimmers of any age are frequently reluctant especially under the age of six.  Crying, fussing and not wanting to participate are normal responses to new situations.  TideWater instructors are trained to effectively help your child gain the confidence they need to work pat that natural fear.  They’ll become stronger, more self-confident and -most importantly- safer than when they began.
  • What if my child doesn’t want to come back?
    We strongly recommend that parents hang-in-there.  You can help you child to look forward to their pool time with positive reinforcement, encouragement and consistency.  Empowering your child with important life skills is never easy and making your child water safe is vital.  Water is all around us – in rivers, lakes, drainage ditches, bathtubs, pool covers and even large puddles.  Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of 14.  Participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of childhood drowning by 88 percent (National Institute of Health).  Equip your child with this vital life skill and you’ll be giving him/her access to all the fun and fitness the water can provide.  Know that if you don’t do it this year, it won’t be easier next year.  Every year older a child gets without becoming acclimated to the water increases their fear level and resistance.  So, stick with it!  You’ll be glad you did and so will your child.
  • Cancellations due to inclement weather: Notifications will be posted on our FaceBook page. 
    Follow us at
  • Emergency Closing: Thunderstorms are unpredictable and may cause last minute closings without notice. 
    See Pool Closing Policy below.
  • What should I do if I am not receiving email updates during the session?
    Email Miss Kate at for assistance.

TideWater Swim School Policies

Call-Out Notice of Absence:

  • All Call-out notices must be directed to
  • Only Call-Out Notices received at the above email address will be accepted.  Failure to provide an emailed Call-Out Notice will result in the loss of the Make-Up Lesson.  See Make-Up Lesson Policy
  • We DO NOT accept verbal notices to instructors, telephones calls, text messages, social media posts, FaceBook messages or emails to any other address.
  • Once a Call-Out Notice is provided, your child’s spot in that class is forfeited.  It will be offered to another student via Sign-Up Genius.
  • No credit or refund will be issues for a Swimmer’s absence.  See Make-Up Lesson Policy.

Make-Up Lesson Policy:

  • Absent Swimmers who provided a Call-Out Notice to TideWater are eligible for a make-up lesson.  SEE: Call-Out Notice above
  • A Make-up must be used in the current program, they cannot ‘roll over’ to the next program.
  • All Make-Up Lessons are filled on a first-come first-serve basis through Sign-Up Genius link.
  • Make-Up Lessons are not guaranteed to be with your regular class instructor.
  • In the rare event a class is cancelled by TideWater for instructor absence, TideWater may, at its discretion, schedule a Make-Up Lesson at a future date to be determined by TideWater or issue a prorated refund/credit.
  • Inclement weather closings or RiverWinds Emergency closings will not result in a Make-Up Lessons.

Private Lesson Make-Ups are offered during a session if there is a spot available.  Private Lessons are also eligible for ONE time slot during our Make-Up day(s) at the end of a session. We will send everyone a Sign-Up Genius link during Week 2 of the session.

Group Lesson Make-Ups are only offered DURING a session if there is a spot available in another class from a call-out.  We will send everyone a Sign-Up Genius link during Week 2 of the session.

Refund Policy:

  • Please email if you or your child wished to cancel their lesson.
  • No refunds or credits of any kind will be given if you choose to quit in the middle of a session and your spot will be released.
  • No refund will be given if less than 2 weeks notification is given prior to the Session start.
  • We cannot refund the processing fee applied by Active, the third party online registration company.

Pool Closing Policy:

TideWater Swim School makes every effort to give all lessons as scheduled. If for any reason RiverWinds closes their facility we are unable to provide a Make-Up lesson, refund or credit.  Closure examples include, but are not limited to, inclement weather (snow, ice or severe weather), emergency closing due to thunderstorms, power failure, health/safety risks, emergency repair or any situation for which RiverWinds deems it necessary for their facility to be closed.

RiverWinds is required by law to close their aquatics facility during thunderstorms.  Lifeguards are required to wait 30 minutes after the last seen lightning strike before allowing swimmer back into the pool area.  We will make every effort to get your child back in the pool as soon as it officially deemed safe to do so.

For up to date information regarding emergency closings for thunderstorms, please contact RiverWinds at 856.251.0990.  They can tell you if the facility is open or closed but are not able to provide specific information regard lessons. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If the pool is open, we are swimming!

In case of inclement weather closing, please check our FaceBook Page at