November 11, 2018

Homeschool Swim

Homeschool swim lessons will be tailored to each child’s abilities using tried and true teaching techniques to facilitate water safety, stroke development and breathing techniques.

Due to a nationwide shortage of Lifeguards, we are unable  to secure pool space at this time.

September 2021

Ages 2-3 yo (Parent participation required)

  • For safety standards: a parent/guardian (or other adult designee) MUST be in the water for the toddler class
  • 30-minute class once per week
  • Swimmers are not required to be potty-trained
  • If not potty trained, swimmers are required to wear swim diaper
  • Each toddler will need parental/guardian’s physical support to learn proper mechanics & body position
  • Focuses on introduction to water safety skills for toddlers

Ages 4-5yo, 6-8yo & 9-12yo

  • Open to swimmers of all ability levels; no skill prerequisites
  • 30-minute class once per week
  • Parents do not get in the water for this lesson
  • Goggles are highly recommended for all swimmers
  • Lessons focus on water safety and mechanics
  • Lessons are tailored to swimmer’s individual needs and current ability level